Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Lemonade

Yesterday I was invited by a friend to be a model for her makeup artistry class at the Bennett Career Institute in NE. Turns out yesterday was the one day they weren't doing faces at all, but were covering "the business of makeup" instead. It turns out that much of the information was pertinent to a fashion designer, and I learned some great personal marketing tips from instructor Tanna J. So yay to the free business class. One of the ladies in the class happens to be opening a new lounge in B-more this weekend called Ste. 18. As I love lounges and new venues, this was a welcome morsel of information as well. Finally it just makes sense as a designer to network with a room full of make-up artists duh! So even though I didn't get my makeover....I still made lemonade!

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