Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trippin' Out!

BiriBelle will be sponsoring the Lil Soso and Smirnoff AudioTrip event on May 18th at Muse lounge. This amazing (and free) event will feature live music, live art (Aniekan Udofia), dope dj's (soul controllers, Daz-I- Kue, and Rich Medina), and fashion by yours truly. Also sponsored by Fabric on Demand who printed the fabric, the LSP team will be rocking outfits made with custom prints I designed based on the LSP Logo. I got the fabric today (organic cotton) and am really excited! The process of seeing my fabric from computer to fabric to garment has been really trippy (pun intended). Here's how they look before becoming clothing:

Can you see the elements of the logo in the prints?

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