Friday, October 16, 2009

Black President's Day

If you are in DC this weekend, you HAVE to check out Lil Soso's annual Fela Kuti tribute party, "Black Presidents Day". Besides from featuring a sweet double entendre and amazing artists (from the DJ talent, to the live music, to live art), I'm particularly excited by the focus on the role of the first ladies and the "afrobeat aesthetic " this year. The celebration actually began with a workshop last week on "Aesthetics and Adornments" that explored African beauty and the aesthetic 'pop'ularized by Fela's wives. Look out for an interesting photo display at the party. The theme: 70's Lagos. I had the pleasure of participating in the photshoot (which involved Heineken, jelloff rice, and plantain yumm), getting my makeup done by Claudine, and being photographed by T'Sehai and Rebecca Bailey. Here's a sneak peak and more info about the party.

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